Meeting Wyatt & his training friends happened by accident, buying Max wasn't.  It turned out the be one of the best investments as a hunter & a guide I've ever done.  I'm not the easiest person to convince when it comes to buying a new dog & even harder when it comes to buying a puppy that has never been hunting before.  Being a duck guide for many years, the need for a high powered, manageable dog is a must.  So when Wyatt said he had an eight week old pup that showed lots of potential, I was skeptical to say the least.

Wyatt & his friends were doing some training around Warrensburg MO that week, so I took the time to go & observe their training tactics & set ups before I was going to commit to buying an unproven puppy.  I was very impressed, it wasn't pressure they used but praise, I liked that fact.  Again, as a guide, too much pressure on a young dog can ruin him forever.  After spending a few hours watching Wyatt train several clients dogs that day, I bought Max.  He told me that Max would be ready to hunt that fall, I didn't believe that at the time, boy was I wrong.

After several months of summer training Wyatt & Julie called me.  They asked if I had time to come to their house & watch Max train & spend some time learning their commands....basically teaching me how to handle Max.  Not every trainer trains the same way or uses the same commands.  So learning hand jesters & the tone of your voice is an important part of the owners training as well as the dogs.  This is what impressed me the most about Wyatt & Julie.  That Saturday, they spent as much time training me as they did training Max.  Prior to me leaving that day, we made plans for Max for the next few months, what I wanted them to work on with him & trying to get him passed in some hunt tests.

After another two weeks, Wyatt called me.  Af first I was a little worried maybe something was wrong with Max.  On the contrary.  He told me he thought Max could pass a seasoned hunt test, I said I thought he had to go through started first.  Wyatt replied, that would be a waste of your money & Max's time.  He was way past started.  He was right, Max passed the first time.

That was the summer of 2006.  Wyatt delivered Max back to me that fall.  I hunted him all winter.  Max was only nine months old.  He retrieved over 300 ducks that winter and over 800 the next fall.  Not bad for a dog under two years old.

I honestly believe that Wyatt & Julie Wancket are one of the best couples that you could ask for to train & love your retriever.  They truly spend quality time with your pet, not just to train.  They use only the best equipment & have very good training grounds.  Not to mention the kennels, top notch.  They will definitely be my choice when it comes time for my next retriever.

If you have any doubts about what I've said, feel free to call me.  I am a true believer in their techniques & training abilities.

Good luck & good hunting.

Billy D.
Centerview MO