When my hunting dog, Raven, was 11 and I knew his hunting days would be limited, I began looking for a puppy with good hunting lines and a trainer for the pup.  Because my dog and I had hunted with Jerry and his lab Gunner (trained by Wyatt), I contacted Wyatt on Jerry’s recommendation.  I was looking for a started dog that would also be our family “friend” and companion.  I immediately knew that Wyatt was the trainer I wanted.  He helped me make arrangements to purchase a puppy he felt would meet my needs and he and Julie literally chose the pup for us since we live in northern Minnesota .  My wife and I first met Max after he had been with Wyatt and Julie for two months.  He was beautiful, lively and full of potential.  We were so impressed with Wancket’s training facilities.  Everything was orderly and clean and Wyatt did a great job explaining to us how he would be working with Max over the next several months.  We enjoyed hearing regular reports from Wyatt about Max’s progress. 

I traveled to Illinois to get Max when he was 8 months old.  He adjusted well to our home and to our older dog.  Max is super healthy, strong, athletic and beautiful.  He learns quickly, he wants to please and he has the sweetest personality.  He walks perfectly on a leash and will retrieve as many bumpers as I’m willing to throw for him.  He has never shown any aggression toward a person or another dog.  He is extremely well socialized.