Wanckets Retrievers provided customized training & good care for our Labrador Retriever.  Not every dog responds to what might be considered standard training methods, and Wyatt Wancket was willing to take the time to try various methods until he found what worked for our dog.  My dog, Tina, required a trainer who could read her personality & was willing to be creative & flexible with his methods to suit her nature.

After a false start with another trainer, our dog failed to respond when she perceived too much pressure.  On the recommendation of the breeder, I went to Wanckets Retrievers and found Wyatt who is a committed trainer, and I am very happy with the results.  Due to her sensitive personality, Tina may not be cut out to be a field trial champion but she is obedient, a good hunter & the kind of dog one enjoyes having around the house.  I highly recommend Wyatt & Julie Wancket based on the success they had with our dog & the care they gave her.  Their facility has a large pond on site & a clean kennel with individual outside spaces for the dogs.

Chris F.
Chicago IL