jason.jpgLast year I contacted Wyatt while I was living in Georgia and asked if he would be interested in training me on how to train my brand new Labrador puppy, Jack. I did not want to leave Jack with a trainer because I wanted him to grow up in the home with the kids and also I wanted to learn how to train Jack myself as I thought it would complement my hunting habit. I moved to the Quad Cities in June and started training Jack with Wyatt in August.

Balance is the best word to describe my experience with Wyatt during our day training sessions over the past year. He was quick to take on the challenge of training me how to train Jack to be a fantastic gun dog. Wyatt balanced instructing ME on how to train Jack, with showing ME how to train Jack, and lastly coached ME while I was training Jack. This formula took me beyond the many books I’ve read on how to train a gun dog. Wyatt was able to read both mine and Jack’s personalities and present us both with solutions to break through many if not all of the training obstacles that I had previously faced. In one training session Wyatt showed me how to bring Jack to a perfect heel, a basic obedience skill, but a skill that had eluded me with my previous Lab and had eluded me with Jack. This past season Jack at less than a year old and with only roughly 4 months of training with Wyatt retrieved every bird, whether it was from a boat on Devils Lake in North Dakota, on land in a Pheasant field in Montana, or in a slue at Princeton, Iowa, Jack performed remarkably. Most of my friends are astonished at how well trained Jack is. Normally I just need to show them a round of three hand casting and they think Jack is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Jack and I both look forward to completing some hunt tests this spring under the tutelage of Wyatt. I owe Jack’s success in training and during his first hunting season and my confidence while handling Jack to Wyatt. I recommend Wyatt for day training to all of my gun dog owning friends. He not only knows how to train dogs, but also how to train humans… He has perfected train the trainer.