In October 2003, our black lab Kenzie was killed in an illegal trap while retrieving ducks.  My son Ed, 14 at the time was devastated that he could not save his dog.  Too make things even more difficult, my wife had passed away from cancer a few months earlier.  We needed a lab.  I put on a piece of paper what I wanted in a lab.  The wish list was put into the hands of field trial trainers nation wide.  In May, I 
received a call from a trainer.  I bought Gunner from Wyatt Wancket.  
I picked up Gunner in Spirit Lake, WI.  The trainer explained he knew Gunner from field trials, hunt test, etc. He also stated Gunner was the finest dog in the northern half of MN.  I fished & hunted for a living, I am a fishing & hunting bum.  Everything he said about Gunner sounded too good to be true.  He said he would take the dog back if I was not satisfied.  I paid alot of money for the dog, it's the best money I have ever spent.  Gunner is the finest dog I have ever been around.  Guys I hunt with six months out of the year in the US and around the world have never seen a dog like Gunner.  We played around 
some informal field trials, Gunner was indeed the best in Minnesota.  
Gunner is gentle, loving, & the best trained dog around.  When birds or dummies are around, Gunner is at a different level, intense is an under statement.  He always wants to please, always wants too do whats right. Gunner was doing triples at 500 yards.

Last year in South Dakota, we went hunting snow geese.  The first bird knocked down fell 250 yards away over a hill, through corn, over woods & through a swamp.  I released Gunner & got out of my blind to assist the dog.  I had not taken five steps & Gunner was coming back.  A blind retrieve my hunting friends stated was worth the price of the trip!  We had not been doing long range training for two years.  This is something Gunner never forgets how to do.  Gunner is a true athlete, tail always wagging.  To own a dog that is loving, smart, gentle, highly trained is a dream.  If I could design the perfect dog, it would be Gun.

Gunner has a five month old son, Buck, who is now in training at Wanckets Retrievers.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for an outstanding gun dog. Their training facility is remarkable.  Thanks Wyatt & Julie Wancket.

Jerry A.
Virginia MN