I have known Wyatt over 10 years as a trainer & fellow dog handler, & always found him to be very knowledgeable in regard to his approach in retriever development.  As a Field Rep & judge for HRC, I have judged dogs that Wyatt has handled numerous times.  He has always had dogs that are prepared & has exhibited a high level of competence when handling dogs in competition.

I was so impressed with Wyatt's own dog Gunner, I purchased a puppy out of him four years ago.  Our dog, Pearl, has proven to be a wonderful dog both in competition & hunting.  She has obtained four titles from UKC including her Hunting Retriever Championship & Upland Hunting Championship.  She has completed half of her requirements to obtain her Grand Hunting Retriever Championship & has obtained her Master Hunting Title, going 7 for 7 in Master Hunts & qualifying for the Master National in 2007.  She was completely amateur trained & is a pleasure at home & on the road.

I highly recommend Wyatt as a trainer & as a friend.  He is always willing to help & or just talk retrievers.

Mike B.
Davenport IA