Its been a very special experience and rewarding in so many ways!Deacon is a great example of your capabilities.I can recall Deacon as a young nine month old pup when he arrived at Wancket Retrievers.He was a talented puppy with very little structure.Over the next year, I watched Deacon become a retriever and mature into a Champion.I remember the long days of training and hard work that you put towards Deacon's development.I'm also very thankful for the many hours you gave to me as a handler and owner.You taught us a lot about the big picture of finishing a retriever and the balance that is required to be successful in this business.It was truly a team effort (trainer, owners and Deacon) throughout the entire process.

The testing was another rewarding journey for us.I enjoyed watching you & Deacon team up and proudly display your abilities. It required a special dog and talented trainer to take Deacon from a 9 month old puppy into his first hunt test at 18 months.I can recall Deacon being the youngest dog running at the HRCH level on a regular basis.Deacon earned his HRCH that summer and gave me one of the best hunting years of my life.Deacon was successful in every hunt situation that we tackled (waterfowl and upland). The followingspring Deacon earned his Master Hunter title at 3 years of age.Deacon, again one of the youngest dogs at the competition, kept giving and rising to each challenge!Again, I was so proud to have one of the top running dogs and best gun dogs!Deacon never missed a mark running eight Master Hunt test that summer.Hard to believe, when you consider the difficult testing.Awesome!

Deacon has created his own fan club over the years in the field and testing.I get invited to hunts just so people can watch a superior gun-dog work.He has given so many people great hunting memories.He has a strong desire to retrieve, hunt, train, and please!He is truly the perfect gun dog.I always give Wancket Retrievers much of the credit for Deacons success.People are so amazed with his abilities and handsome appearance.If someone wants to max out a dogs potential, I strongly suggest they visit your kennels.I will continue to use your services for my finish level labs and I will also strongly advise my Mud Creek Retriever clients to use your services for advance dog work and hunt testing. As you know, Deacon has now moved into another journey in his retriever legacy.The last three years he has become a Champion stud dog for us at Mud Creek Retrievers.He has proven once again, that he is a complete retriever.His many puppies are now displaying his superior marking and handling skills.When Deacon is not producing champion puppies, he is still my primary hunting companion! We are so very proud of Deacon and look forward to the years ahead with him and the little Deacons at work!

Great Job Wancket Retrievers!

Ted and Valerie V.