I came to Wancket Retrievers because Wyatt had trained Gunner who is my dog's stud.  Wyatt also used to own Gunner as well.  When I first saw Gunner, he was the nicest dog I had ever seen.  Trained very well.  From that point I knew I would be sending my puppy to Wyatt.

I dropped Storm off with Wyatt after the six hour drive from Minnesota and I was kind of hestitant because I wasn't sure how Storm would take to the training.  I chose the alpha female of the litter and I had a hard time training her myself so I was unsure.  I arrived and saw the facilities and met Wyatt and Julie.  I knew she would be in great hands.

Wyatt kept me informed on the training and stated that she was taking to the training very well after the first week or so.  When I came to pick Storm up after the 3 months or so, I literally had tears in my 
eye's once I saw the difference.  I didn't think Storm was my dog.   She's a phenominal hunter.  She loves ducks and pheasants.  The goose hunting is next.  I finally have control over Storm and would recommend Wyatt and Julie to train any dog!  They are that good.

Thanks Julie and Wyatt for all that you did for me and Storm.  She truly is a joy to be around and is so fun to watch hunting!

Vallana Perrault