2010_06070003.JPGI met Wyatt at the Atkinson Casey's in July 2009. My 11 year old Lab had died the month before. Wyatt was pulling his dog trailer so I introduced myself and talked as we pumped gas into our vehicles. I expressed an interest in acquiring a pup the spring of 2010. He said that if I were interested that he could help me find a pup as well as train it. I've hunted pheasants since the age of 12. The fall of 2009 was the first one since age 14 that I had not had a hunting dog. I had always wanted to have a professionally trained dog.

With people I have always relied on my first impression. That weekend I told Vicki that I had found a trainer. Now I just needed a puppy. 

I asked around about Wyatt.  He came highly recommended by several employees and acquaintances in the area. I checked the internet, talked with friends, contacted several breeders searching for a pup. In February I called Wyatt. We visited at his place and talked dogs. Wyatt's methods seemed to be what I was looking for in a trainer. Positive reinforcement and praise combined with daily repetition.

Wyatt introduced me to Mike File of Barn Ridge Kennels. I stopped at Barn Ridge Kennels to look at pups in February. Wyatt spoke highly of a six week old litter of Mike's.   Jo File handed me Gabby that day.   The little girl was the queen of the litter. She took nothing from anyone. She challenged and won the toys from the larger males in the litter. Though I had not planned to buy a pup until spring I brought Vicki back on Saturday and took Gabby home.

Wyatt gave me guidance in puppy training once I had Gabby. I followed his directions in working daily with her.   We visited the kennels and training grounds as Gabby grew. At the age of four months I took Gabby to Wancket's Retrievers to begin serious training. Her progress from day one was impressive. By six months of age Gabby was retrieving through cattails and other obstacles. She loves water and retrieving. Now at ten months she responds to whistle, voice, and hand signals. This fall I will have the pleasure of watching Gabby perform chasing pheasants and maybe even a few ducks.

My goal was to have a well trained gun dog and loyal companion. Gabby fills that bill and then some. Wyatt not only trained Gabby but he trained me in how to work and train her.   Wyatt and Julie Wancket treat the pups and adult dogs as if they were their own. The kennel is always clean, the dogs happy, and eager to perform. I recommend Wancket's Retrievers to anyone whether you want a loyal gun dog or a hunter retriever champion. Wyatt will bring out the best in your pup or adult dog. I am very fortunate to have met Wyatt that day in Atkinson.

Vince M. Malta, IL